PCN Volunteer

Get Involved...

There are lots of ways to personally get connected into the work we do at PCN. Some of the on-going needs are listed below. However, we always welcome being contacted by people with special skills or abilities that may not fit any of the neat categories we have. To get involved and start changing lives, call Ann Hoover, our Executive Director at 937-778-8856 or email her at pcn.cares@att.net and she will work with you to find how you best fit into PCN.

Work with families to listen, to assess their assets and needs, to pray with them and to coordinate help using our available network of resources.

Provide mentoring of life and professional skills along with a small team to selected families.

Greet families, answer phones, coordinate connections with Care Guides, provide general clerical and support for daily operations.

Provide childcare during “Getting Ahead and out of Poverty” classes.

Help maintain and remodel PCN’s office and meeting spaces to keep pace with our ever-changing needs as we grow.